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Q. Your Second Ad

For your second ad, you will rotate multiple images and include multiple destination URL's.  Let me summarize what happens here.  You will create an ad and include multiple images.  For each image, you will include a different (or the same) destination URL.  The image displayed in the ads will rotate each time the ad is viewed.  For example, you might have a single ad, but the ad consists of a horse property image that directs the viewer to a horse property page on your site, a pool homes image which directs the viewer to pool homes in a certain area, a luxury home image, which would direct the viewer to luxury homes available in a certain area.

  1. Create campaign - name it whatever you want, it is just a name
  2. Create ad - name it whatever you want, it is just a name
  3. Include an Image - there are two ways of doing this - you can upload an image and we will host it for you, or you can provide the image URL - the link to the actual image somewhere on the internet
  4. Include a Destination URL - when the viewer clicks the image - the site they are brought to. For example - your image is of pool homes in Gilbert AZ - and when clicked they are brought to your site that has pool homes for sale in Gilbert AZ
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as you wish
  6. Save the ad
  7. The HTML for you ad is available in the upper right hand corner. Just copy and paste it anywhere html is accepted, including craigslist, backpage, blog posts, websites and anywhere else you can think of.
  8. You may want to include some text in your ad. You may place your text before or after the html code you created and used.
  9. That is all there is to it. This is a single image ad that will go to a single website. Review Your Second Ad for your next steps.